7 Common Mistakes E-commerce Businesses Must Avoid

Are you all set to build your own e-commerce site? It can be a nerve-racking ordeal but the good news is - help is just a google search away! There are many outsourcing website development specialists out there. Still, it is better you do not fall for these common errors while building your startup: 

1. Absence of business logo

A Logo is one of the most important aspects of business’ brand. The mere sight of it can conjure the experiences and perceptions of customers about a business. So if your business is missing out on this aspect then it is high time you invest in a logo that is unique and that stands out among your competitors’.

2. Little social media engagement

Social validations work in favour of your business by verifying it and making it trustworthy for customers. Thus it helps conversion by building confidence for your brand among users. But if you go wrong with it then it can very well work against you. Getting customer reviews is a good idea as good reviews can positively impact your conversion. But bad reviews, on the contrary, can be disastrous and even no reviews can be harmful for you. Users get doubtful about your products and they hesitate to make purchase decision. Similarly social media accounts with no following can throw poor light on your business. So work on it to get customer engagement and have positive effect on your business.

3. Instant recognition expectations

Many e-store owners have this illusion of getting visitors on their site right after their launch. Please be ready that it will happen and have patience as it takes quality time to build customer base. Work on your website to make it more visible and amiable for search engines to help your customers locate it.

4. Trivialize frequently visited pages

Do not underrate the potential of your homepage, about, and contact page by putting inadequate information on them. These are supposed to the most important pages as your visitors will frequently land on them to know about you and your company and to find a way to reach you. So keep those pages updated to display your clear identity.

5. Ignoring SEO altogether

Do not miss this simple step as it may cost you dearly. Build your site keeping SEO in mind for making it search engine friendly. This free marketing strategy will definitely yield results and keep working on it till you rank top. Pick keywords related to your business and find out their competitiveness.

6. Deviating from focal point

Your site not meeting your business expectations may demotivate you. Do not lose your focus at that point time. Rather concentrate on one area at a time, analyze it and correct it before moving to the next one. Remember the famous saying “Rome was not built in a day”!

7. Unequal dedication for marketing platforms

It is important to understand that each online marketing channel can fetch you market subset and you must explore each one of them. So give equal importance to SEO, digital marketing, telemarketing or shopbot to generate revenue for your e-store.

Managing your own e-store can be analogous to traversing a dark tunnel. Meanwhile, with consistent and creative efforts you can realize that light in terms of success is not too far.

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